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BaNGA Africa
University of Ghana, Legon

BaNGA-Africa is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and is a follow-up to the Carnegie Next Generation in Africa project. It aims to contribute to the attainment of a critical mass of PhD holders on University of Ghana faculty, improve doctoral training at UG and enhance the quality and volume of research outputs from UG. This new programme provides opportunities for post-doctoral fellowships and for the development of the research capacity and outputs of early career faculty.  Specific activities that may be funded include:

  • Short-term fellowships to consolidate doctoral training experiences;
  • Post-doctoral attachments to improve and acquire new research skills;
  • Collaborative initiatives to establish research networks and joint research grant proposal development;
  • Time away to write-up research findings for publication;
  • Seed research grants to initiate new research or complete an ongoing research project.