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The Organisation

This is an independent, non-governmental, and non-partisan organisation that is focused on empowering people to achieve their full potentials and enabling communities to thrive. We seek to achieve our objectives by leveraging on the power and instrumentality of all forms of popular culture namely folktales, riddles, songs, dance, proverbs, docu-dramas, paintings, among others.

These forms of popular culture are powerful tools for connecting people to modern scientific ways of empowerment without disconnecting them from their roots and cultures. These forms of popular culture are a unique way of blending culture and modernity for transformation.

We seek to bring change through women empowerment, environmental transformation, good health practices and education.


To create better lives and empowered communities


To use pop culture to help people and communities reach their full potentials


The main objectives are to:

  1. solve communal problems through the various forms of popular culture.
  2. empower, most especially, the vulnerable in communities to realise their full potentials for a better life.
  3. advance the documentation, preservation and promotion of minority languages and cultures.
  4. engage in both academic and non-academic discourses on popular culture for transformation.

What We Do

Women Empowment

We use popular culture to empower women to realise their full potentials and to actively participate in discourses on all matters affecting their lives. 

Environmental Conservation

Through folktales we explore the various forms of biodiversity unique to communities. We use folktales to popularise narratives about environmental conservation. This is geared towards helping communities fight climate change and protect the environment.

Promotion of indigenous language and cultures

Minority languages and cultures get documented through the various activities we engage in. All oral pop cultural artefacts are transcribed, translated, and archived. Children are encouraged to participate in these activities to promote interest in pop culture.


Use all forms of pop of culture to influence behaviours towards health seeking attitudes, adoption of modern and appropriate scientific health practices and mobilization for dealing with pandemics and epidemics.